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The Great WiFi Hope (get it?! “The Great White Hope” …. Wifi Hope …. forget it)

Please forgive my relative lateness to this blog post party, I posted this accidentally to my blog and not the class blog. The great hope of the Internet is the exchange of information free from geopolitical borders. But as Palfrey … Continue reading

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Transgendered Digital Role Playing

Tanja Carstensen’s paper “Gender Trouble in Web 2.0” attempts to capture the gender gap found in both content creation and content consumption. Two major take-aways of Carstensen’s are that women produce more blogs, but male bloggers find larger readerships. Carstensen … Continue reading

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Copyright vs. the American Spirit

The American people have a unique thing going on. We can do just about whatever we want, just about whenever we want, just about however we want, just about where ever we want. This freedom is the foundation of our … Continue reading

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Remixing + Cliche = Good, Accessable Content

Cliche is a powerful tool. Wicked step-mothers, bad guys wearing black, magical negroes, and princeses in other castles. Cliche can instantly give a protagonist motivation (bad guy killed character’s parents), let the audience instantly relate to a text (country music … Continue reading

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Participation in the Troll Community

There is a dark side to this two-point-oh part of “The Web.” Sure it’s great to contact old high school friends on Facebook and to “pin” a super cute craft project on Pinterest. Unfortunately for you though, you will have … Continue reading

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