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In regards to the readings from this week I have to admit that I never thought about my digital reputation or “footprint” until now. I never thought about everything that I posted: Ideologies, questions, statements, answers, contact info, friend’s list, … Continue reading

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A Brief Look at How the Steubenville Rape Trial has Affected Social Media & Legal Cases

Normally, I don’t like to take things too seriously. I prefer to be happy than morose. However, I feel that the events surrounding the Steubenville Rape Trial, and subsequent repercussive events, are worth discussing because of the nature that the … Continue reading

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What I like about this section of the class is that it really ties in with the other material and concepts we’ve learned thus far including, but not limited to, privacy, publicity, and performance of identities. Performance is a particularly … Continue reading

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Online Reputations

I’d like to open by saying two things. Holy crap! There were a LOT of dry statistics in the 47 page article we were assigned this week. I read ALL of it. (No reading quiz of course. But oh well.) … Continue reading

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Online Reputation Management: How Do I Hide this Facebook Status from My Boss…?

Every now and then I’ll come home and find my roommate distracted by Facebook. I always expect her to be creeping on a cute guy or scanning through status updates, but nearly every single time I see her computer screen … Continue reading

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