>>No you Dont need my INFORMATION!!! <<But Sir…?

I hope I figured out how to post Videos. Basically the scenario the comedian points out is that consumers have to be weary of Corporations requiring personal information in order to do things that they used to do with no additional “hassle”. Telephone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses are usually asked for by corporations in exchange for membership cards that offer promotions all in the effort for company’s to track your purchases and buying habits. They call it “Behavioral Targeting”… A concept that makes sense from a Corporate standpoint, it helps them track your buying behavior/ preferences in order to better serve you; But at what cost?

In the digital age such online businesses (Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, etc.) offer access to content to their consumers only requiring a: Name, Phone Number, Email Address (Which we already provide information for), and other personal information that is becoming more and more common/easy to ask for. I used to have reservations about providing that information when I was younger because that was how I was raised: “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see?” mentality. Nowadays I am at peace with releasing said information to certain sites as long as they are secure. We are becoming more complacent with providing personal information but in the digital age it is a risk we have to take, I trust the sites I go on but I’m not going to be ignorant of the consequences. Phishing is a real problem that can actually affect me so I realize that my information can be compromised. So I keep track of my internet sites/ user accounts in order to make sure I have not been hacked… You Should to. The questions I pose to you are:

  • “How many user accounts do you have?”,
  • “Has the corresponding site you are a member of ever been hacked?”
  • “Do you worry about being hacked or do you feel as though you are safe-guarded from it and why?”


>Bet you probably did not consider the magnitude of information you provide… As a gamer…


>>… As an employee

The information can be accessed because it is “public” even though you posted it with the intent of it being private. As sophisticated as certain sites are they are still vulnerable, but they are learning. It is not a guarantee that these sites will not be compromised, or your home will not be burglarized, or your Iphone will not be stolen so be aware of the information that goes out into the world and understand that these sites are learning as they go. They will make mistakes and you will too. As safety concerns regarding information increase on the web so will the capabilities and tenacity of hackers to get said information.

Keep this in mind in regards to information on the net/ minimizing privacy mistakes; as addressed in the reading:

  1. Remember “stuff happens”. Companies and consumers make mistakes and they can have far-reaching consequences. That is just the reality of it.
  2. When companies make such mistakes with consumer data, they should acknowledge it and make corrections as they see fit to insure that the mistakes are not repeated.
  3. When consumers make mistakes in sharing content or information, companies should provide the ability to erase mistakes and make sure the mistake never surfaces again.
  4. Cyber-crime is a constant and growing threat.

Be safe out there.

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