“an essential solution to a particular unavoidable economic problem”

Throughout the course of media and the production and advancement of technology, our society has come to a difficult encounter that seems near impossible to overcome or agree on at least. As we continue to create and produce, it seems that things are becoming less and less original. Not that anyone is particularly trying to be unoriginal or mimicking others’ work but we do so unknowingly.

But lately it seems like people are intentionally taking these ideas and expounding on them. This market has become phenomenal just these past few years alone. What makes this okay to do? Who ever said that they could do this? Like I said before, eventually we run out of completely new ideas, but as students and citizens don’t we owe society new concepts and pieces of art? I’m not talking about style here or even character structures, I’m talking big picture ideas; concepts and storylines. I’ve seen about enough vampire and zombie movies (sorry for the fans out there) but Hollywood just continues with the same stuff until it stops selling. Isn’t this copying a story? If they change a few characters around and put it in a different location does that make it a completely new story? “Limiting the freedom of some people to copy creates incentives to create more speech.” (Lessig). We need protection from UNoriginal ideas.

Although copyright can get really tricky sometimes this way of thinking, I think, makes it simple to understand what is and isn’t copied. On the other hand this idea could prove it hard to actually create work or even to prove that your work is indeed original. But sometimes, these things can get completely out of hand. Take a look at this video:


See how stupid some of this can sound? Onto modern technology, what is crossing the lines for breaking copyright laws within new media? After watching a video educators explain what copyright looks like in their classroom, I immediately thought, I must copyright all the time…music that is. Doing sports videos have ruined me. I use music all the time but I’m not selling my videos, I’m not changing the meaning of the song, I’m simply adding video to their work. Am I copyrighting? Yeah, probably. But is it me that’s wrong or is it the law? Shouldn’t we work hand in hand to make things better?

Now this may sound a bit contradicting to my introduction but I promise you it’s different. I am not creating music tracks I simply need them to enhance the video production. So there it is summed up: INTENTIONAL copying to make SIMILAR works should be what is looked down upon, not production enhancement. Too many people get caught up in all of this. Why do people (particularly from the music and film industry) make it so entirely complicated to use their work, not to hurt their business or change the meaning but simply to help intensify their own products. I feel that the goal here is to meet in between. I’ve brought up both sides of the spectrum here on how people could possibly perceive copyright and its effects, now it is up to us (oh and the law) to decide if that is worthwhile or has any constitutional standing.


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