Youtube Poop: Remixing to the Max

Youtube Poop is a genre of videos on Youtube that feature mashups and video collages of several different popular culture icons. quotes the Youtube Poop News FAQ when writing a definition of the genre and writes

 “The current working definition is a video that has been made with appropriated footage and collage editing techniques to for the purpose of either annoying or entertaining viewers in the increasingly indifferent world of Youtube.”

Probably the best way to describe these videos is to show an example. (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed a video, but I can hyperlink it)

These videos are made by people remixing footage from different shows and videos that they like into some sort of super hybrid.  They are creating brand new pieces of art by reappointing videos and editing them together to express themselves.  This sense of self expression and pride is extremely prevalent in the Youtube Poop community.  On the article on these videos, there are several creators of these videos who have commented on the article, saying how important making these videos are to them.

In the class reading, one of the things that Knobel and Lankshear write about media being able to be remixed is whether or not the footage lends it self to being remixed, they called this “fertility” in the reading. At first glance these videos do not seem to be fertile, but  there are different games and ways that creators of these videos interact with each other that prove otherwise. 

For example, one of these games is called YTP Tennis. Although the rules differ from player to player, usually the game starts when one player posts a video and the second player incorporates some of that footage into a new video.  That new footage is then used in the responding video.

This is an example of a round of YTP Tennis.  
The second round is in the video responses section or you can click here to watch it.
As you can see, the piece of footage that is reused in the second round is Mario coming into the room full of toasters, and if you continued on watched round 3 then you would see that the footage of the dinosaur and the talking volcano were reused as well as other footage.

This is a way that users not only remix each others videos, but a way that they connect and create things together.

This has also been called “the weird part of Youtube” and a lot of people think these are just strange and immature videos.  Others think they are important self expression pieces.

What do you think?
What do you think some of the different Youtube Poop videos mean?
Why do you think people make these videos?

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One Response to Youtube Poop: Remixing to the Max

  1. chemistryguy says:

    I’m several months late to this party, but I was perusing the web, looking for any serious articles regarding ytp.

    I’m going to make the same statement here that I made on the Yale Tech Law article:

    First, cdi cut scenes are not, repeat NOT, a favorite among youtube poopers (nor are those godawful volcanicity commercials) . They will always be associated with the beginnings of ytp and will continue to be used as long as someone can squeeze one more drop of humor out of them, but they are mainly a dead source. It takes someone with a lot of talent and imagination to pull off anything worthwhile out of them.

    Second, do not, repeat do NOT search for ytp by typing youtube poop into the search bar on YouTube. The vast majority of them are just plain bad.

    You did get it right with regards to the community connecting by way of videos, but tennis is just one way. I utilize pieces and/or styles of youtube poopers that I admire as my shout out. We also maintain connections through response videos and simply commenting on videos.

    Finally, ytp is not about memes. Memes are inevitably created and used, but the best poopers aren’t forcing them down people’s throat.

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