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What does your avatar look like?

The internet has given ability for users to interact together. For strangers to become friends, gamers to play against and with one another, to fall in love all in an online community. In the online game Second Life, a player … Continue reading

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White Flight and Digital Gentrification

In “Race In/For Cyberspace: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet,” Lisa Nakamura refutes the idea that we can be whoever we wish online. This utopian online society where race, gender, class and are irrelevant is an unfulfilled prophesy. … Continue reading

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Race, Ethnicity, Class and Social Media

Race, Ethnicity, and Class are interesting subjects to analyze when viewing Performing Identities in Social Media. In our many profile pictures, descriptions, and texts we desire to portray a certain representation of ourselves. This varies depending on what medium you … Continue reading

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To Be Me, Or Not To Be Me?

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”; a caption that goes along with a Peter Steiner cartoon that was published in The New Yorker roughly ten years ago. This specific cartoon was brought up in class and was a key part of … Continue reading

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Unity and Hypocrisy: The Two Faces of the Internet

The topic of class this week’s class discussions, “Performing Identities: Race, Ethnicity, and Class”, and how it relates to online communities, fascinates me. The internet is, arguably, one of the greatest human creations of all time. It holds the entirety … Continue reading

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